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Drawing Creation. Re-creation.

A basic copy into CAD service.


Do you have some existing sketches, designs, or actual components you need converting into CAD?

We can work from, paper sketches, telephone conversations, email descriptions, & photographs to compile the design criteria. We can then translate this information into 2d CAD for the manufacture or any other end purpose you intend.

No need for existing design knowledge, our team will work closely and ask you the relevant questions to establish exactly establish what you need.

Typical applications

  • Convert hand sketches into an accurate CAD design
  • Copy PDF data into CAD data.
  • Update existing CAD data with new information.
  • Convert existing CAD drawings into data to be used in CAD-CAM applications.

We can also distribute the drawings directly to your end customer.

How it works…

  • We will supply you with a trained and experienced design engineer.
  • Your engineer will talk with you and discuss your product to establish the design criteria.
  • Your engineer will produce the CAD designs and hand over the data to you.

The benefits…

  • You own the process, the project is driven by your direction and input.
  • Our engineers will supply the specialist knowledge of the software.
  • Your project is completely under your control.

We work completely remotely eliminating the need for costly site visits and all data can be sent securely.

This simple and cost-effective solution is available at a competitive rate.

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With our manufacturing network, we can also have your designs prototyped or manufactured on a large scale.

For further technical information

If you need some free technical advise or manufacturing information, contact us and we’d be happy to help out.

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